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Welcome to the NACC
The National Academy of Chiropractic Coders

The National Academy of Chiropractic Coders (NACC) is the first program of its kind for coding education and certification.  The NACC was developed exclusively for chiropractors and their insurance CA's and office managers.

In our increasingly stringent insurance environment, you have to meticulously follow guidelines to get paid. The chiropractic profession has a tremendous need for a specialized educational program leading to a certification as a chiropractic coder.  We are a profession of doctors and billers with very few certified coders. It is time for Doctors of Chiropractic to code, bill, and receive proper reimbursements for the work they perform. Join us in a chiropractic coding and payment revolution today!


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"Very knowledgeable instructor" - Erin Gerdman, Street Chiropractic, PC

"I have been doing this for about 11 years and am so excited to finally see a certification process. No matter how long you have been doing this, there is always something to learn. Excellent seminar!" - Nicole Fumo, Clinton Back and Neck Care Center

"Thank you for breaking the 'hand me down' information cycle! The profession needs reliable sources to train doctors and staff that are effective and affordable. Thank you for providing a bridge for that gap!" - Kel Anne Davis, Complete Spine and Headache Center

"Every doctor should take this course to gain this knowledge. Don't send only your CA, you need to know this also to run your practice successfully!" - Dr. Lindsay Calvert-Downey, Maplewood Wellness Center

"This seminar was worth every penny!" - Amber Salkowski, Back to Health Chiropractic